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  • Infertility

    The treatment of infertility brings cycles of hope and despair – and turns life into an emotional roller coaster. Infertile couples need psychological support, whether it be from family, friends, doctors, counselors, on-line support groups or each other. Many infertile couples turn to Resolve, a nonprofit organization founded in 1974 to provide support and information to infertile people and to increase awareness of infertility issues, and Open Path, the Fertility and Adoption Resource for Northern California.

    Patients can choose the style of counseling that best suits their needs – whether individual counseling, couples counseling, or group counseling.

    Support & Counseling Services

    Discussions with a licensed mental health professional specializing in infertility is an important step in assisted reproductive medicine, as recognized by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the European Society of Human Reproduction. Whether you are single, married, heterosexual, LGBTQ, international, domestic or local, FCCI assists you as an individual, couple or in a group setting. We help you gain strength, manage your emotions and feel empowered navigating your journey to parenthood.